Family Pet & Garden Center Pembroke MA
14 Jun 2016

Heating Pellets & Coal

We stock multiple brands of pellets including Okanagan and Ambiance and offer the best delivery compared to anyone in the area. We will deliver to basements, sheds, 2nd floors etc. You name it, we’ll get it there. All delivery are scheduled with exact times and coordinated through one person who handles all scheduling and also does the bulk of the delivery as well. Delivery is available 7 days a week 10 to 5. Coal is also available for pickup or delivery. Coal ranges in different sizes from smallest to largest which includes rice, pea, nut and stove. Nut is the most common.

14 Jun 2016

Koi & Plants

Koi & Pond Plants- Koi & Goldfish are stocked and available from June 1st until October 1st. A large variety of plants is available including Hyacinths, Lotus, Lily’s and Canna.

14 Jun 2016

A little history about us

North River Feed Store was started on July 1, 1976 in a rented building behind the Capeway Ice House. The current property was purchased and the current store built in August of 1978. Our name changed to Family Pet & Garden Center in 1999 which was a suggestion from the sign company to be more generic as people new to the area had no idea what a “feed” store was. We were always North River Feed Store, your Family Pet & Garden Center. We are a small family run business that has been serving the South Shore for over 40 years and hope to continue doing so for many more. We hope to see you in the store soon and Thank You for your business!