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Northern Warmth Spruce

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Northern Warmth pellets are 100% soft wood with no additives, and made in British Columbia. 8789 btu’s per pound. Ash is .31%.

We pride ourselves on the careful manufacturing processes for our pellets and shavings. We follow exacting standards to ensure that we are producing the highest quality products. Here are some of the things we do to achieve and maintain our high standards.

Pellet Manufacturing It all starts with the raw material we use to make our pellets. The sawdust we purchase has to be a specific species of pine and/or spruce wood. Our sawdust only comes from sawmills where the bark has been removed from the trees.

This helps ensure that there will be no contaminants in our pellets, just 100% softwood. Other pellet manufacturers use whatever wood they can get. This will often result in a lower quality pellet

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